• Wooden Seahorse Sculpture



The remarkable tiny seahorse migrates inshore in summer and it is believed they travel into deeper water in winter to avoid the worst effects of storms. In 2006 greatly increased numbers were reported off the SW coasts of England due to warm seas, and they have been found as far north as Shetland. Seahorses in captivity have been recorded living as long as 7 years. Coated in armour and spines seahorses swim upright using their large dorsal fin, and often hide in sea grass and seaweed, holding onto this by their tail. The most unusual of its many strange characteristics however is that the male does the parenting, carrying the eggs around inside its pouch until incubated, and keeping the young there until they are large enough to be released.

This charming wooden seahorse sculpture from Archipelago would be the perfect finishing touch to your home. Each piece has been hand carved  therefore making each sculpture unique.



  • Archipelago carved wooden seahorse sculpture
  • Decorative item only (not a toy)
  • Approximate dimensions:
  • Many of our products are hand-painted or hand-finished. Please allow for variations in colour and finish.


  • Archipelago work with 3 different villages in Bali all highly skilled carvers and painters.  All their Indonesian products are produced under fair trading conditions to benefit the village community.  The products are environmentally friendly, using lead free paints and local replaceable softwoods.
  • All Archipelago products are designed in the UK by British artists.