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BAKE HOUSE- Cornish Milk Mineral Paint

  • £24.00




Bake House Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is inspired by Cornwall's renowned bakeries and crafted with natural beige pigments. This pale cream is designed to remain vibrant over time and creates a warm, elegant finish. Enhance the elegant look of your space by pairing it with the other Cornish shades ''Flour Sack'' and ''Mor''.

Made using only beige pigments from Cornwall, this cream will not yellow over time and will stay fresh looking for years to come. 

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is a water-based, non-toxic, non-solvent, non-chemical environmentally-friendly paint and has extremely low natural VOC content with only 9g per litre and proudly contains no added VOCs.

Made from the highest quality ingredients and organic earth pigments sourced from the UK. Cornish Milk offers superior coverage and requires minimal prep and can be used on almost all surfaces, inside and outside your home.


•Built-In Ultra-durable, Water, Stain & Scrub resistant Top-Coat. No waxing or varnish required, unless for high traffic areas. 

 •Easy to use, with a smooth and matt finish.

 •Eco-Friendly, No added chemicals, toxins or VOCs. 

 • 100% Water based paint.

 •Ultra-low VOC content, with only 9.0g per Litre.

 •Vegan & Cruelty free. 

  •Made using organic earth pigments (No Synthetic dyes or stains have been used).

• Cornish Milk Mineral Paint's new formula resists heat of up to 80ºC. 

 •Maximum coverage for all your favourite Cornish shades. No more extra coats or inconsistency coverage. 

 •Exterior & Interior Paint, with built-in weather shield with enhanced UV Protection. 


Colour experience always depends on surface profile and porosity. Whilst every effort is made to achieve colour accuracy for our online swatches, differences between display screens means colour accuracy cannot be guaranteed. We recommend purchasing a sample in your chosen colour and finish to test.