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Scomber Scombus – the Atlantic mackerel- is the same noble family as big sporting fishes like tuna and bonito, and has a similar lean torpedo shape. Like them it swims fast and ferociously, and attacks anything moving which looks like a fly. However this makes it easy to catch, and fishermen sometimes use bundles of feathers as bait to gather up from the large shoals in which mackerel swim. It is a beautiful fish with iridescent sheen to its dark blue-black and silvery stripes, and adult fish can live for up to 20 years though numbers have greatly declined after over fishing in the 1970s, sadly often for pet food and fertiliser. The mackerel likes warm clear waters and winters south off the coast of Ireland, appearing around UK coasts as the water warms in spring and summer.


This charming shoal of mackerel from Archipelago feature a shoal of hand-painted white fish and would be the perfect finishing touch to your home. Each piece has been hand carved and therefore making each sculpture unique.



  • Archipelago carved wooden shoal of mackerel sculpture
  • Decorative item only (not a toy)
  • Approximate dimensions: 
  • Many of our products are hand-painted or hand-finished. Please allow for variations in colour and finish.


  • Archipelago work with 3 different villages in Bali all highly skilled carvers and painters.  All their Indonesian products are produced under fair trading conditions to benefit the village community.  The products are environmentally friendly, using lead free paints and local replaceable softwoods.
  • All Archipelago products are designed in the UK by British artists.