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  • £30.00

The Series 2 Bottle is a triumph in reusable design. Its soft-touch, anti-microbial drinking collar ensures comfortable sipping, whilst its customisable carry loop makes on-the-go drinking even easier. And then there’s the rubber base, which proves it’s the little things that count.


Chilly's insulated bottles are the perfect companion for long walks by the coast, picnics in the country, your morning commute or the gym. Chilly's not only look good but are practical too. The bottle is capable of keeping your cold drinks cold for 24 hours, and your hot drinks hot for 12 hours.

Chilly's are also perfect for keeping wine, beer, and cocktails cold!




  • Series 2 Whale Blue 500ml Bottle
  • Keeping your cold drinks cold for 24 hours, and your hot drinks hot for 12 hours.

  • DO NOT put your Chilly's Bottle in the dishwasher or leave the bottle to soak in water for a long period of time. This can cause paint damage and can lead to the vacuum becoming ineffective.
  • In pursuit of Chilly's goal to create the highest quality products possible, all single coloured Chilly's Bottles are constructed from durable, high-grade 304 stainless steel and finished using an advanced powder coating process. This offers a much harder wearing finish, with the same amazing colour you would expect from them
  • The Chilly's Bottle, Coffee Cup, Food Pot, Tumbler and Chilly's accessories are all unsuitable to be put in the microwave.